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Rapha Vuelta CD

It's not often that a music CD comes to mind when you think of cycling; sure we can all think of classic cycling tunes, and we all have our favourite ride and turbo trainer inspiration, but a whole CD dedicated to a bike race, umm, unusual.

Well, those creative guys at clothing company Rapha have put together two music CD's - The Vuelta and The Giro, needless to say both are dedicated to the great races. We got hold of a copy of The Vuelta, not knowing quite what to expect - so what did we find inside the box?

First off is the packaging it's self, which is a real treat for cycling fans. Great retro cover image of Luis Ocana, one of Spain's greatest ever riders. Inside there are more images of great Vuelta champions, a detailed listing of the 23 tracks, and extracts of the running commentary between these tracks, nice.

Turn on the music, grab a bottle of rioja and some jamon, or blast it at full pelt for those dreaded turbo sessions. It's not quite what we expected, although as we said - we didn't know what to expect. There are 23 great Spanish, and other songs. They are linked together by a brief historical commentary, which talks through classic moments from the 75 years of the great race, almost like vox pop snap shots, which link the music together sweetly, telling a story as they go, each tune relating to a particular historical moment or rider, almost like a cycling opera.

Verdict - great, something you really would not think about, a treat, and inspiration that revives the great era of the race - and cycling!