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Rapha Winter hat

Twenty or so years back just about every self respecting cyclist owned, and wore a winter hat, they had various nick names, and were true icons of 70's and 80's cycling scene. Some figured they looked geeky, and thus wore bobble hats, ahem. But, those who did take to the peaked winter hat loved them; wear them backwards or forwards, rolled up or over your ears, they were (and thanks to Rapha still are) great for keeping your bonce warm, and even for shading out those low winter suns, that occasionally blind your afternoon rides.

Somehow these versatile and adored hats fell into the jaded dens of fashion ill repute, but no more - Rapha have given a new leash of life to a traditional cycling head warmer. Are they better than beanies or Buffs? Well, they're certainly warmer, they have a peak, and they say "I'm a cyclist."

I hadn't figured on being so bitten by donning a past look, but I was. This is a great piece of kit, with a nostalgic and classy feel to it - if it was reversible it would be even better, but hey - it's great the way it is (although it won't slip under, or over a helmet).

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