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WTB Volt SLT Saddle

WTB Volt SLT saddle review

Cushy wushy comfort is high on the spec list for the WTB Volt SLT saddle. This saddle is a cunning blend of the stereotypical WTB "armchair" padded ride and a full on race saddle, which for many of us is the perfect blend, or compromise even.

The Volt is pitched as an MTB XC and road race saddle, and it pretty well hits the spot - especially for those aiming more for practicality and comfort, who wouldn't sacrifice a sweet ride on the butt for a few grams.

I've been riding this saddle for 2 weeks or so now, and really is a great blend of comfort with a competitive edge to it. You could stick it on any bike, and pretty well anybody could sit on it for hours without troubling their undercarriage.

At 220 grams for the SLT nicro railed version it's no skimpy lightweight, but is none the less respectable dancer, especially given its robust design, build, and comfort - kind of like the Miguel Indurain of saddles.

The saddle has a glossed, plastic like, water resistant covering, with bulky Kevlar edge trimmings, a "Love Channel" centre ridge, and is heavily embossed to reduce slip sliding around.

First impression were that it was a little "pimpy", but would be ideal for a muddy offroad ride, and could sweat some in the heat. But, after a couple of weeks in hot and sweaty condition I can say that there is practically no slipping around (no more than on any regular saddle), and it seems to be sweat free too, and a breeze to wash off.

The saddle comes with regular "silver' nicro rails, which are strangely trimmed in black or red, unfortunately we got the red - but hey, you do have a choice of colour.

With an SRP of $150 for the SLT it seems to be a fair saddle for the buck.

The bottom line - Despite my initial preconceptions this turned out to be a great all day, all terrain, saddle. It's well suited to practical and semi-regular riders who like a dash of comfort, and take to the shiny finish.