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Lezyne Micro Floor Drive pump

Is it a mini pump? Is it a floor pump? No, it's a Micro Drive Floor pump.


"What be that strange device on ye olde velocopide?" Come the infrequent questions, and yes they tend to be in more modern tongues. Well, that strange device they muse at is my very own weapon of mass inflation - a Lezyne Micro Floor Drive pump, a strange looking device that has become an absolute travel and trail essential for me over the past 3 years.

Mini pumps, aghh, I admit it - I hate the things, and with fair reason. How often have you found yourself besides a road or trail looking at that 6 inches of pure frustration and pain with detest? Yes, logic has it that you only get out what you put in - so a 6 inch pump is only every gonna push out that measly amount of air with every pump, making for painful work of tyre inflation, and hell no - it your fix goes down again the ultimate deflation surely follows on

Enter this sweet 12 inches of relief. Bigger is better! Since the demise of the full frame pump I have generally travelled with a cheap plastic track/floor pump, and a mini pump. I can tell you that it's no fun at all trying to re-inflate two tyres every few days in tropical heat with a mini pump, and  although the track pump was always a pain in terms of size and stashability, it was worth the effort, but those days are over thanks to this little beauty.  

Light, nimble, and more than doubly effective compared to a mini pump the MFD has proved its worth hundreds of time over. It is virtually a mini floor pump, which will also double as a suspension pump if your careful, and with its hose and top handle it does away with 80% of that horrific back bending and forearm torture. Strap it or stash it, this goes with me on all but silky smooth road rides. Wrap some gaffer tape around the barrel to reduce heat burn and for use when bits fall off your bike, keep the screws tight and this pump will stay with you for years. It does also look as though it could make home brew, and if so I will report back.

If i had to list a handful of products that have become absolute essential for traveling with, or on a bike then along with the humble (and near extinct toe strap) this pump would be right up there - paired with the ride saving Lezyne stick on patches, which have saved many a ride for me.

Bottom line? "Love you long time Mr MFD"