Taking the trail less travelled

Steve Thomas

Born and raised in the UK, I started racing bikes at the tender age of 12, and have continued to do so (on and off) right up until now. As a cyclist I've raced all over the world in all kinds of disciplines - road and mountain bike, up and downhill, around and about. I spent a good amount of time doing odd-ball and extreme things and setting records for insane bike feats (and winning the odd race or two), strangely this seemed to fit in well with my ever evolving style.

During this time my on-going lust for adventure has carved a kind of niche for my work; cycling, adventure, and travel are where my passions lie, and this reflects in my work. For some time I've been based in Southeast Asia, and I still mostly travel around and come up with lots of new and interesting material - and am always trying to innovate - all be it in my own way.

Having travelled and cycled in more than 50 countries I've managed to stock a huge image, story and knowledge bank, which is constantly refreshed and added too. If it's words, pictures, consultation or broadcast assistance you're after then please do get in touch - I can probably help, and hopefully you'll like the slightly sideways and passionate approach I take to my work.


Past and current editorial clients include more that 50 international cycling titles, and an equal number of lifestyle, travel and adventure, magazines and websites as well as in major newspapers the world over, and also on many national TV stations too.

Commercial and media clients have included everybody from national tourist boards to international cycling, outdoor, travel, and clothing brands..

On the media side I have worked extensively within the cycling and adventure travel industry, representing and producing material for leading professional teams, tour companies and cycling and adventure equipment manufacturers, as well as working as official photographer and media for numerous major sporting events. around the world.

You can contact me by email thestevethomas@yahoo.co.uk

Self portrait riding high in Taiwan