Specialist media production, distribution & consultation 

I've never been a fan of template style PR and one size fits all distribution - which is why I prefer not to offer this service. What I do offer is a lifetime of proven experience and the contacts that go with it, entertaining editorial and broadcast quality content that stands out from the masses, an individual and involved approach to development, targeted and tailored distribution and effective brand enhancement - in other words a custom fit for events, brands and locations that has the clout and quality to stand out and the relevance make it to direct publication.

Here are a few of the media and consultation services I can and do offer

Words - production and distribution of proven editorial quality written material.

Pictures - high end imagery with a flare

Broadcast - video and audio media management and production

Media representation - hands on brand representation and development

Media management - social media, blog and web content production and management.

If you like what you see and feel my skills could work for you please mail me - thestevethomas@yahoo.co.uk

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